Tip #6: It is surprising how little activists (and companies for that matter) use video to bring their director nominees closer to the shareholder base that will be voting to elect them. Social media analytic and influencers relentlessly remind us that the future of social is in video. Activists should use this insight to their advantage. There is nothing like video to introduce a director candidate and build his or her credibility.


Tips #7: Tweets about TV appearances and interviews on media. CNBC for example has a rich library of interviews with some of the historic figures in shareholder activism as well as some of the most sensational and successful newcomers.   Sharing video through Twitter is a fabulous way to build vivid engagement with your activist strategies. ...continue reading HOW TO USE SOCIAL MEDIA FOR SHAREHOLDER ACTVIST CAMPAIGNS (PART II – TIPS 6-10)

Shareholder activism has experienced a dramatic surge in recent years. Well-leveraged and strategic PR program is key to a successful shareholder activist campaign. Today, this means more than appearances on CNBC or coverage in The Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times or Bloomberg or other traditional financial media outlets. Much of the communication and news flow comes from the ever more powerful social media platforms. How can shareholder activists use social media to propel their campaigns for change at portfolio companies? Here are some tips and suggestions.

Tip #1: Tweet about the publication of a press release, open letter to shareholders or the filing of an investor presentation. These materials often have to be filed with the SEC and always have to be carefully strategically timed, but once released the communication can be spread to a wider audience using social media.

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Tip #2: RT mainstream media coverage about your activist campaign. There is tremendous potential to generate more buzz about your activist investments and to establish your brand as an activist by showing that your engagement commands the headlines. ...continue reading HOW TO USE SOCIAL MEDIA FOR SHAREHOLDER ACTVIST CAMPAIGNS (PART I – TIPS 1-5)

Widespread use of social media has enormous potential to transform corporate agendas and engagement. It is hard to ignore the power of new social technologies to shape boards’ decisions and bolster stakeholders’ influence. Social media tools are available in the capital market space for use by all company stakeholders, including disgruntled employees, competitors and of course shareholders both in confrontations with the board or for general commentary on their investment theses or interactions with the company. Corporate missteps and governance issue can get magnified as a result. But opportunities for effective engagement also abound.

Every second worldwide, more than 2,200 tweets are posted (of which 700 are sharing YouTube videos) and 500- plus updates are added to Facebook.



Top 5 Corporate Governance and Shareholder Activism Blogs

Corporate governance issues especially as they pertain to shareholder engagement have taken center stage in boardroom deliberations. Shareholder activism has hijacked the conversation in that regard. Boards and their advisors are spending countless hours gearing up defenses, preparing responses to potential activist campaigns and honing in on policies for effective engagement with their shareholder bases.   Staying on top of developments in this highly nuanced and ever changing field is not only of critical importance but is also an exciting exercise. So I felt compelled to share the list of my favorite corporate governance/ shareholder activism blogs. ...continue reading Top 5 Corporate Governance and Shareholder Activism Blogs

In the “under–the-radar” space where most activist hedge funds reside there has not traditionally been much room for marketing or social media campaigning. There are some good reasons for this beyond false modesty from this group who routinely shake up multi-billion dollar companies and have single handedly caused a transformation in boardroom thinking. The very aspects that make social media so powerful – its immediacy and reach—have been perceived as a challenge to activist hedge funds because if not strategically timed the publicity can affect market prices, reveal campaign strategy or change the momentum of a contest.

But with both shareholder activism and social media on the rise, the convergence is inevitable. After all, shareholder activism smashed all records in 2015 and is poised for more.

The players and influencers in this hotly contested and somewhat controversial field are fewer than one might expect. Thomson Reuters recently published its 2015 league tables for lawyers, bankers, proxy solicitors & most active hedge fund activists for global shareholder activism.

...continue reading Social Media Influencers in #ShareholderActivism


Shareholder activism is hot. All you have to do is open any financial publication or even mainstream media and you will stumble upon an article dissecting the latest campaign or reporting on a new activist addition to the board of some of the largest and most valuable companies in the world. Last year broke a number of records, not the least the number of activist campaigns, but will likely remain in history as the year activism became officially the media darling. Media attention has exploded.


...continue reading How Today’s Shareholder Activist Campaigns are Fought on the Digital Battlefield